Advancements in Non-Surgical Treatments for Gum Disease

Advancements in Non-Surgical Treatments for Gum Disease

Gum disease gets bad if not treated on time. It ranges from minor issues to severe gum diseases. If the gum disease is caught early, non-surgical methods are used for gum disease treatment. Almost 5.3% of people prefer non-surgical treatment to surgical care. Sometimes a healthy deep oral cleaning restores the gum health. But most of the time dentists follow surgical or non-surgical treatments to treat the gum disease.

The top dental clinics in Turkey assist patients to undergo intensive treatments. These non-surgical methods are effective because they save time and cost. So, get to know the effective and efficient advancements in non-surgical treatments for gum diseases below.

New treatments for gum disease

With the advancement in technology, the new treatments for gum diseases are also revolutionized. The success rate on non-surgical treatment is up to 39%. These treatments help to treat all sorts of periodontal problems. Explore the latest new gum disease treatments below.

  • Photo disinfection

It is being used in dentistry to recognize and eliminate bacteria. This bacterium makes gum disease worse. Photo disinfection is used after the photodynamic therapy and allows deep cleaning or period scaling. It surely slows down the issues of gums or often eradicates them.

  • 3-D printing

All of the dental work in Istanbul is incomplete without advanced 3-D printing. It is the innovation coupled with other technology such as Computed Tomography. Dentists can diagnose the periodontal issue more precisely by using 3-D printing. They can detect implant issues, crowns, or bridge problems at great precision. This leads to better non-surgical dental results.

  • Laser Treatment

Lasers also help with gum diseases. It is a controlled treatment with specific power levels to treat periodontal issues. A good dentist often performs scaling or root planning using a laser. Laser also helps maintain the health of the gums.

  • PRP therapy

It is a platelet-rich plasma therapy that uses a patient’s blood. The concentrated plasma is obtained from the blood and utilized over the patient’s affected area.

This process promotes faster healing and regenerates the tissues more quickly by supporting the growth cells. This technique has shown great results while dealing with gum disease. It surely has an enhanced healing process.

Non-surgical traditional treatments for gum disease

When a dentist starts gum disease treatment, they prefer to follow a non-surgical approach such as:

  • Scaling or root planning: During scaling and root planning, dentists try to get rid of bacteria attached to the teeth or gums. This is because bacteria produce toxins and affects the surface and root of teeth. The deep cleaning procedure helps to remove plaque and deposits like tartar or calculus at the gum line.
  • Antibiotics: If gum diseases increase, antibiotics suggested by the top dental clinics in Turkey help to disinfect inaccessible teeth places. Sometimes bone loss or periodontal pockets result in the formation of hard and tiny areas that are difficult to clean. So prescribed antibiotics are used for the short term.
  • Oral hygiene: Dentists always focus on maintaining oral hygiene. The main reason for gum disease is bad oral hygiene. It is important to have a mouth without any bacteria. Keep following the effective techniques of brushing and flossing daily.
  • Tray delivery system: It is effective during the early detection of gum issues. The custom-fit trays are used for some minutes and look like mouthguards. They eliminate and prevent new infections from growing by delivering proper medications to the gums. This promotes fast recovery.

Latest trends in non-surgical gum disease

Perioscope: it is a revolutionary Perioscope, the latest non-surgical gum disease treatment introduced by the top dental clinics in Turkey. It helps to treat severe gum issues without any surgery.

The perioscope is a tiny camera that explores the inflamed area between gum and teeth. The camera transmits the magnified images to the monitor enabling the dentists to get a clear view between the teeth.

The close-up views give a clear understanding of the oral area that requires gum disease treatment. It effectively allows us to remove calculus. You can reach into the deeper areas by using a periscope to remove the hardened calculus or treat inflammation.

Piezoelectric Scaling: It is a scaling procedure that uses ultrasonic vibrations to eliminate hardened calculus from gum or teeth pockets. It is an exact method with reduced damage to the intact tissues.

The Piezoelectric scaling also removes the bacteria and leaves the gums healthy. However, the entire process is effective and ensures the best oral hygiene.

Laser-assisted non-surgical treatments

Laser-assisted non-surgical gum disease treatments kill the bacteria. It sterilizes the treatment area. Lasers are helpful to target diseased tissues and do not affect healthy tissue. People who prefer to go with laser-assisted non-surgical treatments have less discomfort, pain, or swelling. Even their recovery time is short.

However, the laser dental work in Istanbul depends on the severity of the gum issue. For severe periodontal problems, dentists will recommend a surgical procedure because it is the only professional and effective way to manage gum disease.

Prevent Gum diseases

The non-surgical gum disease treatment is great for controlling any infection. These treatments prove to be reliable when you recognize the gum issue at an early stage. They  help to restore the oral tissues and maintain good health.

They often assist in tightening the loose teeth but it is important to maintain oral hygiene with consistent care. Good oral hygiene eliminates the risk of gum diseases in people who are prone to gum issues genetically. So frequent cleanings and regular checkups surely reduce the risk.


If you feel loose or wiggly teeth, it is a point where you have to choose a gum disease treatment. It is good if you get the best advice to help choose between surgical and non surgical treatments. Istanbul dental implant treatment or treatment through the top dental clinics in Turkey helps restore teeth and avoid infections. .

If you are confused between the two treatments, get help from Lycian Dental Clinic to choose between the non-surgical and surgical gum treatment. At Lycian Dental Clinic we provide 24/7 free consultation to help you choose between different types of treatments.