Common Problems with Dentures Patiens and How to Solve Them

Common Problems with Dentures Patiens and How to Solve Them

Dentures patients prove to be a vital solution when there is tooth loss. A dentist always ensures to keep the dental patients happy. A positive dental experience surely keeps the patients comfortable and happy. But no matter how well the dentist prepares his patients, there is always an unhappy denture patient. Up to 35.4% of denture patients have several concerns involved such as teeth cleaning or affordable dentures.

Dentures patients are also termed false teeth which are more comfortable and natural. It is essential to take proper care of the dentures. Even a cosmetic dentist helps in treating and preventing the common issues with dentures. Get to know the ultimate solution to deal with the common complaints of dentures.

How to help a patient with denture ?

The chances of tooth loss increase with age and a good dental professional always recommends complete dentures. According to the research, almost 19% of the population uses dentures. So, it is important to listen to a patient with dentures. Try to calm the pain or discomfort first.

However, if a patient is experiencing grinding teeth, dentures may need readjustment. It is true that new dentures take time to adjust. Dentures are false teeth that may be uncomfortable at the beginning. So, guide the patient with the necessary information by providing the best possible care.

What can damage dentures?

No matter what is your reason to use the denture patients , dentures need repair after years. But a good denture surely gives shape to your mouth. It is important to take care of your dentures otherwise they will get loose and may fall out of your mouth. Handle the dentures with ultimate care and clean them with a soft surface like a cloth. Following are the reasons that can damage dentures such as:

  • force of chewing
  • the hot and cold temperatures of foods
  • highly acidic foods
  • moisture of mouth
  • Continuous teeth cleaning with the dentures on

Reasons to keep dentures clean

Taking good care of the dentures increases its longevity and allows the dentures to give the best performance. If dentures are in a good condition, they help to maintain good oral health and prevent the teeth from certain gum infections, periodontal disease, or tooth decay. Here is why you should keep your dentures clean:

  • Clean dentures keep your mouth free from infection and keep you comfortable.
  • They prevent plaque from building up. Plaque leads to bad breath, gum diseases and other dental issues.
  • Acrylic dentures are affordable dentures with a solid appearance but porous nature. So, it is good to keep them clean, or bacteria will build up causing gum issues.
  • You may get painful infections such as cheilitis which is caused by the overgrowth of yeast in the mouth, if you don’t clean your dentures.
  • Denture or teeth cleaning also prevents stomatitis which may cause red bumps or mouth redness.

Common issues with denture

The most common issues with dentures are as follow:-

  • Soreness: at the early stage of using a denture, the first few days you may feel pain, irritation, discomfort, or severe soreness. But as your mouth and gums get used to the new affordable dentures, the soreness fades away.
  • Difficulty in speaking: new dentures often make you feel strange causing difficulty while speaking. It is good to familiarize the mouth muscles with dentures. With time it would adjust accordingly.
  • Difficulty in eating: no matter how expensive or affordable dentures you are using, patients will face difficulty while eating. You may feel pain while eating some food or experience discomfort while chewing hard food. But with time the mouth as well as the gums adjust to the dentures.
  • Slipping dentures: no matter how well-designed your false teeth are, your gums and mouth take time to adjust the dentures. Even a cosmetic dentist advises a patient to give it time to adjust properly otherwise the dentures may slip out of the mouth.
  • Saliva: while using the new yet affordable denture, saliva glands produce more saliva. It often alleviates the denture issue by causing discomfort.

Solutions for common issues with dentures

  • Treating soreness: rinse the mouth with water mixed with salt. This helps to reduce the pain and fades the inflammation. Using medication as advised also eliminates the pain.
  • Difficulty in speaking: it is best to practice speaking with new dentures. Try opening your mouth and closing it as a regular exercise during the first days. Within days you will get used to the dentures and it will adjust accordingly.
  • Eating issue: avoid eating too hot or cold food items at the early stage of using false teeth. Also, avoid sticky and hard food to minimize the pressure on the gum while chewing. Go for soft food items that make it easy for you to adjust the false teeth.
  • Slipping dentures: regular denture or teeth cleaning helps to tongue, gums, and mouth to coordinate with the dentures. The slipping of dentures will disappear as it adjusts to the mouth.
  • Saliva: false teeth often confuse the saliva glands so you can’t do much about this issue. So stay prepared to swallow saliva more than usual. Your saliva glands will get used to the new dentures with time.
  • Storing dentures: when you are not using any dentures, make sure to store them in a good cleaning solution. You can also use warm water but never go for hot or boiling water. Because hot water may damage the denture’s shape.


Facing issues with the new yet affordable dentures is common. You may experience discomfort or difficulty while adjusting the dentures at first. But to prevent the issues caused due to tooth loss, it is best to consider the best cosmetic dentist for dentures.

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