Invisible Braces vs. Traditional Braces: Which Is Right for You?

Invisible Braces vs. Traditional Braces: Which Is Right for You?

Everyone wants a Hollywood-style smile that comes with shiny and blinky teeth. For a Hollywood-style smile, it is important to have straightened teeth. And to straighten your teeth you need to choose between the treatment options to get traditional or invisible braces.

According to cosmetic dentists, almost 45 percent of people go for braces to treat functional issues. But it becomes difficult for them to choose between the invisible or traditional braces. However, both options are reliable and are used to straighten the smile. Get to know the pros or cons of both braces options so you can make the most comfortable choice.

Why do you need Braces?

Almost 4 million people in the US are unsatisfied with their teeth and wear braces. They need to fix their mouth which becomes the ultimate reason to get braces. Following are the reasons to identify the problem of getting braces. Make sure to consider the medical reasons to deal with the dental problems:

  • Crossbites
  • Permanent teeth that are growing in the wrong spots
  • Underbites
  • Open bites
  • Deep bites
  • Overbites
  • Teeth crowding
  • Missing permanent teeth

Are invisible Braces good or bad?

Invisible braces are used for several purposes such as teeth spacing issues or teeth crowding. However, it helps to deal with moderate or mild bite issues. These braces prove to be a good option especially when you don’t have a crowding or complicated bite issue. Still, it surely assists in closing the gaps by applying pressure to teeth to get the ideal position.

Many cosmetic dentists provide customized treatments to close the gaps safely to get an improved and healthy smile.

What is the best age to get Braces?

The ideal age to get the braces is from 10 to 14. The reason to get the braces at this time is because all younger teens and pre-teens get their adult teeth. At this age, the jawbone has soft tissues which makes the repositioning of teeth easy.

Though, the exact age to get braces depends on the scope of treatment and the eruption of the permanent teeth. Traditional or invisible braces are effective between ages 10 to 14.

Pros and cons of invisible vs traditional braces

Following are the advantages of invisible vs traditional braces. Do book your consultation with the walk-in dentist for the best advice for braces.

Pros of invisible or Invisalign braces

  • Look better: Invisible braces look better than the retainers. Adult patients prefer to go for Invisalign so the clients or colleagues won’t get to know that you are going through an orthodontic treatment.
  • Makes eating easy: Remember that Invisalign is worn for 20 to 22 hours. It means you can take them out when you eat.
  • Easy to brush or floss: You can remove your Invisalign retainers while brushing your teeth or flossing. So do not worry about cleaning your teeth. Continue your brushing and flossing routine.
  • Fewer dental visits: For the Invisalign, a complete 3D scan of your mouth is required. This allows you to change the multiple sets of invisible braces according to the teeth adjustments. Even visits for the adjustments are kept to a minimum to check on the progress of the teeth.
  • Easy to wear: Moving teeth by using the invisible teeth braces proves to be uncomfortable and painful but you have to face fewer mouth or gum issues. It fits easily to each patient and no cuts are required to make these braces fit. However, it just needs a saltwater wash.

Cons of Invisalign braces

  • Stay disciplined: You have to be disciplined to use these aligners. It is important to wear them for 22 hours every day to get the desired result. Otherwise, lack of patience will fail.
  • Inconvenience: You may have to deal with inconvenience by removing the aligners while eating. Before placing the braces back, you need to brush your teeth so any food particles won’t stop your teeth from moving or cannot stain the aligners.

Pros of traditional braces

Traditional braces have a lot of pros which are as follow:

  • Best for all treatments: No matter how difficult your case, the traditional braces help to deal with multiple teeth issues. It corrects and fixes every tooth to give you an incredible smile. It is known as the most powerful treatment as compared to the invisible braces.
  • Get a perfect result: To get a better result traditional braces force the teeth to get into the desired position.
  • Fast result: Generally, alignment of teeth and closing gaps takes time but with the traditional braces the skill or experience of not just the cosmetic dentist but an orthodontist is required. It ensures fast results.
  • Multiple braces choice: With the advancement in dentistry patients can choose from lingual or ceramic braces to make it less noticeable.

Cons of traditional braces

  • Aesthetic: Most of the people don’t like the metal wires or brackets. They feel conscious about their smile or appearance.
  • Brushing: With the traditional braces on, brushing and flossing get difficult. The patients need to follow the instructions of the dentist on how to floss or brush their teeth.
  • Eating habits: Patients have to take care while eating food or consuming drinks with the traditional braces. Hard or sticky food is avoided completely. Limit of caffeine intake or sugar is prohibited because it would damage the brackets or break the wires.
  • Regular visits: You have to follow up the orthodontist with regular visits to check the progress of your teeth. The orthodontist checks how much the teeth are moved or changed in their direction.


Every individual has specific reasons to get braces. Some prefer to get traditional braces while others go for invisible braces. A good cosmetic dentist always advises to deal with teeth spacing issues or misaligned teeth.

If you want to get the right smile, boost your self-esteem by visiting the walk-in dentist for consultation at Lycian Dentist Clinic. We at Lycian Dental Clinic can make a difference in your personality if you are struggling with medical or cosmetic teeth issues. Go ahead and visit us now for traditional or invisible braces from our best orthodontists or cosmetic dentists.