Hüseyin Hilmi KUL

Hüseyin Hilmi KUL

In 2022, I graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry with honours. In line with the vision that my university has given me, my only goal is to follow ethical values in my profession. to progress and to write my name next to the dentists whose names are mentioned.


Dentist Dental Art Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic , İstanbul Tem 2022


Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry, Istanbul, Turkey Eyl 2017 – Haz 2022


-Advanced Practical Endodontics Training İsmail Davut Çapa-2022

-The Pre-endo Built-up with Biomimetic Approach Dr. Ahmet Zirek-2022

-New Generation Endodontics Optimum Dent Academy Assoc Prof Dr Mustafa Gündoğar Applied Endodontics Training-2022

-Gingival Contouring in the Anterior Region Prof. Dr. Selim Ersanlı-2022

-Emergencies and Treatments in Dentistry Dr. Tolga Şitilci-2022

-Implant Applications in Practice Practice Prof. Dr. Selim Ersanlı-2022

-Early Tooth Extraction Decisions from Milk to Continuous Prof. Dr. Koray Gençay-2022

-Lower Jaw Movements and Basic Occlusion in Clinical Practice Kuralları Dr. Sina Saygılı-2022

-5th Dental Tribune Turkey Symposium IDEX İSTANBUL-2022

-Greatist 2019 Uluslararası Diş Hekimliği Kongresi Vesta Eğitim Akademisi-2019